Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Cosmetology And Trichology.
    Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Cosmetology And Trichology.
    ( Dr. Harish Patankar )


    Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Cosmetology And Trichology.
    With Modern Machines And Products Preparation.

    🔆 Lecturer-
    1.Dr Harish Patankar 
    Director , Keshayurved
    2.Dr Snehal Patankar
    Director, Kayayurved
    3. Dr Rashmi Ved 
    Director, 4 Summers Exotic Ayurved 
    4. Team Skin Essential For All Modern Machines.

    🔆 Information-



    🔆 Duration- 10 to 6pm Daily.

    🔆 From - 1 Feb 2021 to 8 Feb 2021

    🔆 Place- Hotel Orbett, Apte Road, Deccan, Pune.

    🔆 Including- Morning Tea with Breakfast.
    Lunch And Evening Tea.
    All Hands On Practical Sessions with Modern Machines.
    Products Preparation .
    Ready SOP and Notes for all Machines and Products Preparation.
    All Ayurvedic Perspective of Modern Machine and Products.
    All Top Hair and Skin Diseases Sanhita Based as well as all Clinical Practice Based Knowledge.

    🔆 Excluding- Accommodation.

    🔆 Please note-
    It's private course for knowledge enhancement.
     So no any recognition or additional degree is provided to you via this. Certificate will be given.

    🔆 Following Topics will be covered-

    1. Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Skin and Hair Modern Aspect.

    2. Twak Sharir and Kesh Sharir, Rachanatmak and Kriyatmak Drushtikon.

    3. Hetu Detail Explanation in Ancient and Current causes of Skin and Hair Diseases.

    4. How to Make Dosh Dushya Sammurchana Between Hetu and Lakshan .

    5. Nomenclature System of Skin and Hair Diseases. Via Ayurvedic and Modern aspect with Differential Diagnosis System.

    6. Treatment Aspect as per Dosh Dushya Sammurchana.

    7. Top 5 Hair Diseases and Top 10 Skin Diseases Ready Treatment module with name of Drugs and Some Formulations.

    8. Guidance for rest all Hair and Skin Diseases about how to set a Treatment protocol.

    9. Use and Guidance about latest Modern Technology and Instruments in Diagnostic and Treatment Value addition without changing ayurvedic principals.

    10.Product preparation - Soap, Shampoo, gel, cream, lip balm, Anjan, Ayurveda facial products..

    11.Modern machines, technology and treatments - High Frequency, Galvanic, MDA, Dermaroller, PRP, RF cautery, laser comb, Beauty care treatments for instant glow and rejuvenation.

    12. Some Challenging Case Studies and Case Discussion with Question and Answer Session.

    💰 Fees-Rs.30000/- Only.
    For any help call or whatsapp us on
     92708 71200 / 95796 08712

    📞 Contact Details :
    Dr. Vivek 9309882272
    Dr. Nilesh 9049742453
    Dr. Omprasad 88673 43202
    Dr. Swapnil  96042 01582
    Dr. Vinita  94203 42819

    Date and Time:  
    28 Jan 2021-15 Feb 2020 ,
    12:00 am-12:00 am
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